ADS, Inc. & P.R.G Showcase the Lifesaving Wound Cube At SHOT Show 2018

The Shooting, Hunting, and Outdoor Trade Show 2018 took place January 23rd through January 26th at the Sands Expo Center in Las Vegas. One of the major industry companies who exhibited there was the Virginia Beach based company, ADS, Inc. Started back in 1997 as a logistics company for the United States military, they have become one of the biggest government contractors for first responders, law enforcement and the military in the U.S. While at the SHOT Show 2018, one of the products that they demonstrated during the expo was the Phokus Research Group’s Wound Cube.

The Phokus Reasearch Group and their Wound Cube is a training device that helps people to learn how to control bleeding in the case of a gunshot wound. The Wound Cube is very small and is only 4 inches in diameter. It is actually made and constructed of silicone that is not toxic and its color is grayish and semi-transparent. Some of the training exercises that were shown during SHOT Show 2018 during the ADS, Inc. Wound Cube demo was how to pack a wound with gauze. Another feature with the Wound Cube is there is a channel in which a flashlight can be placed. Demonstrators from the Phokus Research Group stated the reason for this is so instructors could show students from the inside of the cube of how a gunshot wound would look.

Representatives stated that the material of the Wound Cube was developed so that it could resemble human tissue. The Cube itself weighs about two and a half pounds. It is designed so that a blood stimulant can be used to give the blood effect to a gunshot wound as well. It is believed that the military will be looking at using the Wound Cube during their training and word is that scores of first responders are looking at using the Wound Cube during their training as well.

Phokus Research Group, or PRG, is known for their development and marketing of innovative equipment that is used in military situations such as controlling bleeding and administering life saving aid. They market all kinds of things such as bleeding control mechanisms to optical technology that is used in the field. They market themselves as a company who markets ‘life saving innovation’ that is geared towards what they call ‘our nations heroes’. The company offers discounts to the military and to law enforcement when it comes to purchasing their products. PRG has been offering their skills and innovations for the past ten years.