Palliative Care Means Comfort

Palliative care is used when someone has a chronic or terminal illness. Palliative care includes the patient and any care staff that may be involved in his or her treatment. Palliative care is more than just end of life care. It also is used during treatment of severe disease when a cure may occur.

The goal of palliative care is to keep the patient as comfortable as possible. But it is more than just pain relief. Palliative care also encourages a patient to receive care for the stresses that might be associated with the disease they may suffer.

While medical treatment may be necessary, other types of treatment are frequently also used to keep the patient comfortable. An entire team of professionals ensures that the person being treated has help with their mental, physical and spiritual needs, too.

One does not need to wait until terminal illness to receive palliative care. Any time medical treatment is given, palliative care can also be provided to avoid unnecessary physical or mental suffering.

How to Get Palliative Care

Ask your health care provider for options regarding total person palliative care for yourself or for someone you love. Your doctor may have suggestions on ways to relieve pain and increase a person’s physical well-being. Or he or she may have information on other entities that can complete other areas of palliative care so the total person may be treated.

Ask the individual being treated what you can do to help them feel more comfortable or to make them happy. While a caregiver cannot always cure a person with a serious illness, each patient has different needs and desires that can be met to improve their quality of life.

End of Life Issues

If an individual feels in some control, they may also feel comforted. Patients can make some of the decisions about the end of their lives that may give them both control and comfort. If a person fears being hooked up to machines at the end of their lives, they have the right to make the decision to have a machine-free death. They can also choose to have their family around them at the end. These and many other decisions made before the end of a person’s life may give them great comfort and ease their fears.

Ways to Promote Safety and Independence among Senior Citizens with Medical Technology

As the American population ages, companies like JenCare are standing on the forefront of a much needed industry that is centered on quality healthcare services for the elderly. One of the many benefits of living in the modern era are the advancements in medical technology for geriatric patients.

Modern Medical Technology is Coined Health 2.0

Technological advances in the medical sector have made it possible for the elderly to live independently in their homes for longer periods of time. In addition, technology has made it possible for adult children of elderly parents to monitor their parents’ health and well-being from remote locations.

Some of the medical technology products that are currently on the market are simply amazing. The prevalence of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets have made it possible for you to perform a variety of monitoring and notification services to ensure that your parents are safe at home.

Eliminate the Threat of Medication Overdose

One of the most common challenges that aging adults face, include taking the correct quantity of prescribed medications at a designated time. To assist with resolving this matter, a medical technology company called MedMinder has developed a digital pill dispenser that locks and unlocks the appropriate compartments of a 7-day pill dispenser at a designated time.

If the pill is not removed from the unlocked compartment at the assigned time by your parent, then a prerecorded message (from you) will attempt to alert your parent and remind them to take their pill. If the prerecorded message does provoke a response, then the digital pill dispenser will send you a text message on your mobile device to inform you that the pill has not been removed from the dispenser.

Friendly Audio Reminders from a Clock

Another ingenious product that is currently on the market is Reminder Rosie. This device is a voice-activated talking clock that can be programmed to transmit prerecorded audio messages (from you) to remind your parents to complete daily tasks, such as reminders to eat lunch, reminders to take medications or reminders to feed a pet. This gadget has proven to be effective for individuals who suffer from cognitive diseases such as dementia or Alzheimer’s.

The Future of Technology and Geriatrics

The merger of medical technology and elder care are anticipated to grow from a $2 billion a year industry to $20 billion a year industry by 2020. Currently, there are many products that are still in the research and development phase and yet to land on the consumer market. Here is a list of some exciting technologies that you should look forward to seeing in the next five to ten years:

  • Clothing that administers CPR
  • Nurse Robots
  • Shoes that prevent falls
  • Self-driving cars
  • Smart socks for people with diabetes
  • Smart homes with voice technology
  • And much more

Live Longer Better – How to Optimize Your Health in 2016

ChenMed, the nation’s leading combined primary care practice for seniors announced that Jeffrey Kang, MD is now serving as its chief executive officer (CEO). Some of the disadvantaged senior populations in the U.S. are looking for positive ways and options to optimize their health in 2016 and the future.

Dr. Kang expressed his satisfaction with being a part of a leading (for 30 years) comprehensive and critical health care market. He is eager and delighted to insure proper care of beneficiaries of the nation’s leading primary health care practices for senior citizen. He also expressed that this family owned business is the best clinical model for elderly ambulatory patients.

Dr. Kang achievements with Walgreen’s Health and Wellness Division, hundreds of U.S. work sites, retail site clinics, accountable care organizations and hospital systems pharmacies makes him an excellent match for the CEO position. He oversees the process of discovering preventative medications and solutions for low-to-moderate income seniors with multiple chronic diseases. Additionally, he will be collaborating with thousands of caring healers who have a record of being responsible, accountable and transparent in patient care.

Senior citizens residing in communities that accommodate the ChenMed markets can now look forward to improved access to senior focused primary and specialized care physicians. The elderly can now enjoy the conveniences of daily walk-up appointments and front door transportation services to their doctor appointments.

Elderly citizens requiring special medical testing will not have to commute to a different health care facility. Laboratory testing, x-rays, prescriptions and even acupuncture are performed on site. ChenMed is technically a privately owned medical family of companies working to utterly transform American health care through primary and critical care improvements chiefly for elderly populations.

ChenMed and Jen Care maintains high standards in organic growth and expansion of neighborhood medical centers. While delivering superior results for seniors with Medicare Advantage, ChenMed’s integrated primary care practice for seniors constantly yields industry-leading net promoter scores ranging from the high 80’s to the low 90’s. This medical establishment beats the national average for senior days in the hospital by 38 percent!

How Healthcare Partners Can Help You and Your Family

Christian healthcare partners will help you protect yourself and your family from health problems, and the partnerships help you get coverage that is just like your regular insurance. Great healthcare partners create health insurance products that are not managed like traditional insurance companies, and the partners help you save money. The partnerships do not have health panels, and the partnerships do not force doctors to charge outrageous prices.

The Quality Care

The quality care you get from a healthcare partnership is much better than anything you would get from a business that is designed to make money. Insurance companies have billions of dollars in assets, but a healthcare partnership only uses what it takes in to help pay claims. The partnership will help you understand your coverage, and the partnership will work with you when you need to get service from a specific place. You cannot overspend when you leave the network, and the network is no longer a consideration when you are working with the partnership.

The Christian Focus

The focus of the partnership makes life much easier for you, and you can be sure that the people who are working with the partnership have good intentions. You could never judge the intentions of an insurance company, and the people working for those companies are drones. Someone who chooses to work for the partnership is a kind soul who simply has it in their heart to help you.

The Savings

You are going to save a ton of money when you are using the partnership, and your premiums will be very low when you get started. You can pay much less than is offered from other companies, and you will not feel as though you are spending too much on the insurance that you know you need. You cannot waste your money, and you cannot feel like you are losing money on the insurance.

The partnerships that you join are going to give you a chance to help others by giving a bit of money to help pay for major procedures, and you will find people who are disadvantaged and in need of help. Someone who has a little more money to offer can help out, and the people who are most in need can ask the partnership to advertise their needs. This kind of caring environment is going to make it easier for you to get the best results when you are looking for the right kind of insurance.

The Definition of Health


Based on the cultural background, you’ll be hearing a variety of definitions for being healthy. The truth is that there are a few components into this health matter, and it’s quite simple. Everything is linked so you can’t have one without another, and if one is affected, so will be the others.

Here are the parts of our definition of health

A Healthy Mind

This is the most important aspect, as it is what influences you most. You are thinking thoughts all the time. Even when you are alone somewhere, you are still processing what happened that day, what was said, what you have heard, you issue opinions, guesses and rise questions. This proves that your mind functions all the time.

If you have a heard about the power of mind, then here is how it works. You mind is the engine that gives meanings to what you see, hear, do, believe, etc. If you really think that you can do something, and you are positive about that thing, then you will surely do it, no matter what happens on the way.

On the other hand, if you have only negative thoughts, like being sad all the time, passive, thinking about losses and bad luck, if you only see the negative part of the things, then that is exactly what you will get.

Having a healthy mind means changing the patters of your thoughts and thinking only positive things. For example – don’t think that you want the illness to end, but think that you are healthy and positive. The secret is to include in your thoughts exactly what you want, because what you believe is exactly what you will get.

A Healthy Spirit

Some people simply don’t believe in anything, much less in a higher being that is governing our lives and our universe.

Everybody can believe in whatever they like, but the thing is this – we must acknowledge the presence and the influence of that Other presence that governs our lives. Some may call it God, while for other people has different names – new names or old names that represent some or another deity. Some may call it Fait, while others call it Karma.

What everybody agrees is that there is something that helps us in our times of need and guides our lives, protecting us and offering us energy and healing. The spiritual health means that our belief must be as real as air is for breathing. Believing in something gives you power, hope and a purpose, a goal.

It’s important to wake up in the morning and thank your chosen deity for the day that was offered. Be humble, but don’t exaggerate, and just be thankful for everything that you have – your life, your friends, your family, your house, anything that you want to thank for, even your cat.

A Healthy Physic

icon-healthThis is what comes to everybody’s minds when you ask about the meaning of being healthy. It is indeed an important part of the whole, but standing alone can not do too much by itself.

Being healthy means that you have no illness, but also you take care of your body. A good diet with great food, with less oils and fats in it, with much more greenery and more white meat can do wonders for you. A daily physical exercise plan will improve your tonus and will offer you a good fitness level.

Say what you want, but exercising will increase the hormone of happiness, causing addiction to sporting.

It’s important to keep a high level for all of these 3 parts, because they are indeed interconnected. You can’t have one without another, so keep them with great care!

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