The War On Sugar Remains A Constant Battle

With no one having a sweet tooth anymore, many advocates continue to influence many manufacturers to exclude sugar from their products. This was due to the addition of five more U.S cities that have begun to place a tax on all sodas that contain the sweet stuff. Besides sodas, both snacks and sweets were also targeted.

There are very few disputing the bad effects of sugar. So the main struggle in this war against sugar is trying to convince manufacturers to produce healthier alternatives. This is why the only way to curb the growing obesity rate is to have the food producer’s shift their efforts to work together to find a solution instead of blaming each other for the problem. This will allow them to see that the consumer has begun to change their overall attitudes.

But instead of embracing change, many food industry companies are still battling it out, with some companies trying to have food regulations set in stone concerning the use of sugar and the other companies spending millions to persuade regulators that they aren’t the root cause of obesity.

Today, roughly $825 million is apparently to be pledged by a numerous amount of public health organizations to promote the sugar taxes over the course of 10 years. This is also to include all associated advertising, conduct research that’ll help promote healthy eating habits and change the practices of the food industry.

A good example of the way that the war on sugar has been going is to take a look at the history of soda taxes. It was first mentioned in 1994 when an article published in the New York Times suggesting that all unhealthy foods should be taxed. Then, in 1998 a liquid candy report was published by the Center for Science in the Public Interest that also suggested a tax. Throughout the years since the report was generated, the food industry has continued to ignore any and all efforts by rebuffing their stance and spending around $67 million throughout 19 cities across several states to make sure that the tax initiatives fell through.

In 2014, the food industry began experiencing a change that affected them harshly. Recently on a Freakonomics podcast, former FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg talked about the war on sugar. Many US cities began to implement sugar taxes began to appear on the west coast in the amount of 1 cent for every ounce. Many other cities have begun to follow suit including Seattle’s mayor that had suggested that the city attaches a 2 cent tax for every ounce. Although it is now obvious that the food industry is losing the sugar war, they still continue to attempt to spend millions to prevent any further damage the taxes could potentially cause.


Post-Holiday Plan: Get Back on Track with these 5 Tips

Staying fit during the holidays is almost impossible. The average person consumes a little less than 5,000 calories during holiday meals. Getting back on track with your fitness goals and feeling good about yourself can be done if you follow a few tips.

Reduce Portion Size
Think about the first bite of food. It’s always full of flavor. Savor this taste and reduce your portion by one third to cut calories. By cutting your portions you can save more than 500 calories each day. If you are out to eat, ask the server for a box so you can put some aside and eat it as leftovers The next day that first bite will just as tasty.

Mini Cleanse
A mini cleanse is a great way to rid the body of toxins and get you back on track. A cleanse like the TruHealth Mini Cleanse from Mannatech, is easy to follow and will let you indulge on some of your favorite foods without worry. The three day cleanse system can be done right after you attack the holiday buffet to keep fat at bay. You can keep inches off without the guilt with Mannatech’s TruHealth Fat Loss System.

Fiber and Protein
Protein and fiber help you feel full helping you not to overeat. Protein requires extra calories to digest so your body is working harder and won’t signal hunger as fast. Eating three meals and two snacks day packed with protein and fiber keeps your metabolism going and your body in motion. Your blood sugars will stay stable so you won’t jump into a vat of ice cream.

Cut Back On Alcohol
Drinking your calories is just as harmful as eating those calories. A 12 ounce beer packs 150 calories while a margarita can pack a few hundred calories. Creamy cocktails are more like desserts packing about 500 calories. Cutting the alcohol is almost like cutting an entire part of the meal meaning you indulge in less calories and don’t feel hungover the next day as a reward.

Interval Training
Interval training is a great way to get the body on track. It increases your metabolism and helps lower your cholesterol. All you need to do is pump up your cardio exercise with periods of intense speed from 30 seconds up to one minute then return back to normal speed. Doing this up to ten times during your workout slashes fat.

Get Spring Break Ready with these Health Tips

Most of us tend to dread the ever so popular Spring Break fab. Why? Because it means shedding our winter layers to reveal excess pounds put on by a few months of holiday binge eating. But also, aren’t we all ready by the time April comes around to just lounge around in the sun and get out and about? It’s time to get Spring Break ready!

The first step to spring break ready is to implement a healthy diet into your everyday routine. Get rid of the sugars, fast food, foods high in salt content (these make you bloat), etc. Any type of foods that make you feel sluggish are not helping your spring break body – try to eat foods that give you energy; fruits, vegetables, protein, fiber, etc.

Also, remember to drink your water. Drinking the amount of water that your body needs all day can aid in metabolism and digestion. So when you plan on having that nice glass of Coke to compliment your fresh garden salad, remember it is better for your body to switch it for a nice glass of water.
The next step, everybody’s favorite step, is to set aside, at least, a half an hour each day for some cardio. Whether you prefer to run, walk, do yoga, or ride your bike it is crucial to be in shape and the cardio will help shed a few extra pounds by adding a workout routine into your day.

When you start to lose weight but notice that you’re not losing the inches and there’s still some excess where you don’t want it to be, try adding a protein supplement like Mannatech’s OsoLean Powder to your diet. OsoLean is a whey protein powder that will help keep the lean muscle on your body while getting rid of the excess fat. Mannatech’s unique formula tastes something like skim milk and is easy to add to your diet by mixing with liquids or sprinkling over top of your food. OsoLean powder is gluten free and contains 10 grams of protein per serving. In order to get the best results with OsoLean, you must remember to implement a healthy diet and a daily exercise routine.

With all of these helpful tips, you will be bikini-ready in no time.