Managing Diabetes, Your Way

Currently, there is no way to prevent type 2 diabetes; however, research has shown that there may be ways to prevent it in people who are more likely to get diabetes. Research is currently being conducted to find out how to prevent type 2 diabetes. Talk with your doctor to see if you might be eligible for a clinical trial but before you do, talk with him or her about the risks and benefits of a clinical trial.

Preventing or delaying Diabetes or complications

Those who have type 2 diabetes can prevent or delay complications by monitoring their blood sugar and getting regular medical checkups.

  1. Regular medical checkups can detect signs of complications and if treated early, can be slowed, stopped or reversed.
  2. In addition, those who have other health problems in addition to diabetes such as high cholesterol or high blood pressure, need to properly treat those conditions.
  3. Not smoking can also reduce the risk of complications of diabetes.

Most importantly, those who have diabetes should get a flu vaccine, a pneumonia shot and a hepatitis B vaccine.

Steps to take to Prevent or Maintain Diabetes

There are other ways that may prevent or maintain diabetes such as being careful with your diet, engaging in light exercise and ensuring that you pay attention to your insulin requirements. Carbohydrates should be spread throughout the day because it is a nutrient that affects your blood sugar levels.

Tips to manage diabetes

Keep in mind; there are additional tips that will help such as engaging in moderate activity for at least several hours a week. When you exercise, be sure to drink plenty of water before, during and after you exercise. Protecting your feet is also important. Shoes should not fit snugly but be comfortable and supportive. It is also important to limit alcohol in your diet.

And, if you smoke, it can make other health matters, especially diabetes, much worse. Smoking raises the cholesterol in your body and makes it harder for your body to heal. Some may not know it, but diabetes can affect your emotions. Those who suffer from type 2 diabetes have a higher risk of feeling depressed or anxious. Support groups can help and can be found in your locality or online.

To conclude, type 2 diabetes is a serious health concern and even though at this time it can’t be prevented, it can be maintained with a good diet, exercise and help from your doctor.